How Can You Get Neopet Paintbrush?

The neopet paint brushes give a new sense of beauty to the pets and make them look totally adorable. Yet those little magic paint brushes are extremely expensive and also hard to find. Some commonly known ways through which the users can get the neopet paint brushes are by buying them from the hidden tower or by buying them from other Neo Friends in exchange for money. To go with the first way, save your Neo Points and earn more of them by selling some stuff that is of no use to you, by playing different games and participating in various Battledomes and by collecting money from any other possible measures.

Neopet Paint Brushes How Can You Get Neopet Paintbrush?After you have around 300 thousand neo points, you are now ready to pick some very delicious colors out of the market. Direct yourself towards the hidden tower (which you can find by going to the Faerie City), have a deep look at the choices and then choose the color that you feel will suit your neopet the best. Another way by which you can get those awesome paint brushes is by buying them from the fellow Neo Friends. This time, direct yourself towards the trading post where you can find different kind of paint brushes put on the auction. Make a reasonable bid on the paint brush or you can also offer some other item to that Neo Friend in return. After that, the Neo Friend might accept or reject your offer. One tip: ask the NeoFriend his price and negotiate with him/ her for your required colored paint brush. Second tip: Don’t go for scams if someone on the website offers you neopet paint brushes cheat.

But these ways are way too costly and take a fortune of neo points out of your account. Some other ways through which you can get those paint brushes without completely losing out your pockets are also there. Let me tell you one thing very straight. Some paint brushes are extremely impossible and also very rare to get. For example Desert paint brush or Faerie paint brush. All those paint brushes other than them, you can buy at fairly reasonable prices. First of all, a very wise move would be to find out which of the colors are allowed to be painted on which of your pets. Because it would be really a hassle and also a wastage of time to go out there and get a paint brush with which none of your pets can be painted.

If you need a color that you really want to put to use on your neopet, now is the time to get that old paint brush of the color you disliked and put it to use. There might be some other Neo Friend who wants that exact paint brush. So in such a case, exchange is the answer for you.

Moreover, Shop Wizard is a great help! If you want to buy cheap paint brushes, there could be no better option than the Shop Wizard. In addition to that, paint brushes can be got from random events as well. These random events can be Tiki Tack Tombola, a huge win on the Fruit Machine, or just getting one from “Jacko the Phantom Painter”. Last tip: Don’t try to go the short way by using neopet paint brushes cheat because they may sometimes corrupt your system.

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